About Us

We inspire adults with intellectual disabilities to be active, contributing citizens through access to better living and employment.

The ABLE Network is a fee for service, registered charity located in York Region. We are a community-based program that provides relevant, inclusive work and recreation opportunities for adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in natural job and community settings. Our participants are supported in our five core programs of work, travel and safety training, recreation, continuing education, and community service activities. Each participant has an individualized schedule. The ABLE Network is based on strong principles and research that states that inclusion of persons with an ID in natural settings provides them with an equal opportunity to make a contribution to the health and well-being of their community.

Our Vision

We inspire adults with intellectual disabilities to be active, contributing citizens through access to better living and employment.

Our Mission

Our participants contribute confidently to the workplace and community, growing their independence and abilities through relevant experience in natural settings. Together with our enthusiastic network of committed community partners, we create an environment of encouragement, healthy living, and life-long success.

Values & Guiding Principles

Diversity & Accessibility

We continuously promote the concept of diversity and accessibility in the community, acting as a role model and demonstrating that people with intellectual disabilities are citizens who have contributions to make to society. We promote a vision of society that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of the rights of all persons regardless of differences.

Partnership & Collaboration

We develop and nurture long-term, positive relationships with participants, families, and community partners (employers, volunteers, donors, etc.).

Integrity & Accountability

We create a positive high integrity environment where our Vision and Mission can be achieved with success. We are fiscally accountable, transparent, and operate with cost-effectiveness for all programming. We strive to make the program affordable for families and participants.

Respect & Dignity

All persons are entitled to respect. Respect requires recognition of and concern for the dignity of every person.


We patiently work with each participant to solve issues, develop new skills, and strive daily for maximum potential. We allow time for setbacks and keep a positive attitude at all times.


We provide inspiration, encouragement, and opportunity for participants to achieve new milestones toward a healthy, productive, and meaningful life in the community.

Lifelong Learning

Every person, at every stage of their life should have lifelong learning opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their aspirations and contribute to society. We strive to deliver exceptional programming based on proven research and best practices. We create a customized program for each participant that will directly benefit their personal outcomes.

Body, Mind, & Spirit

We engage our participants in continued learning, recreation, work experiences, social skills that provide positive contributions for their overall well-being. We care deeply about building the self-esteem and capabilities of each of our participants.

Environmental Sensitivity

We adopt green practices and are sensitive to the need to protect our environment wherever possible.

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